Takeaway coffee cups are among the most iconic of all food containers; the fact that the Starbucks Mermaid is recognised all over the world is proof enough that personalised takeaway coffee cups can make or break a food service brand. Our disposable coffee cups with lids offer much more than just the promise of a fetching an eco coffee cup that mirrors your brand, however our takeaway coffee cups are built to safely withstand the demands of your customers with double walled coffee cups while also being 100% compostable cups.
If you’re shopping for food packaging online and need to buy takeaway coffee cups, give us a try, our wholesale coffee cups are of a biodegradable nature which will appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers while the strength of each coffee takeaway cup (and coffee cup lid) we produce will keep their faces smiling and their hands dry.

Strong. Our PLA lined coffee cups may feel light, smooth, and easy to handle, but beneath their sleek surface lies surprising strength. Our coffee cups with lids will not crumple, bend, crack, or leak with normal handling. The lids snap on easily and hold fast to eliminate accidental spillage.
Affordable. We understand that the food service industry is highly competitive, so we offer quality takeaway coffee cups wholesale to our customers at reasonable prices—guaranteed. Our printed takeaway coffee cups are the perfect low-cost vehicle for advertising your brand.
Well-insulated. No one enjoys having a thin paper coffee cup that allows coffee to go cold three sips in; that’s why we designed our double wall coffee cups with maximum heat retention in mind. If you’re looking for a coffee cup with lid that will keep a drink warm even on the coldest of days, try our thick, fully-optimised coffee takeaway cups and taste the difference. Cheap takeaway coffee cups with lids will pale in comparison once you learn that paper cup coffee doesn’t have to be lukewarm and flavourless.
Easy to handle. If you want a takeaway coffee cup that’s easy to grip and that fits into standard cup holders, you’ll love the fact that our takeaway cups have the solid, ergonomic feel of conventional mugs paired with the convenience of a disposable, biodegradable takeaway cup.
Made from PLA. Cups made from sustainably sourced board & lined with cornstarch and lids made from PLA.

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