Our compostable sugarcane plates and food containers—as the name suggests—are made from bagasse, the pulp material remaining after the extraction of the sugar-bearing juice from sugarcane, one of the most versatile plants known to man. These all-natural food containers are easily broken down by the forces of nature, leaving behind only stable, non-toxic compounds that are fully absorbed back into the local ecosystem. In fact, our disposable plates and take away food containers are so safe that your customers can simply toss them in with their composting and in a few months, they’ll have turned into useable soil.
At the same time, these eco-friendly take away food containers are durable, reliable, and safe food grade containers. In fact, if you’re used to handling conventional food containers, you’re in for a treat—this is no ordinary food container. Unlike the foam food containers and disposable plastic containers of the past, which were flimsy and often had an unpleasant look, feel, and odour, these disposable food containers are durable and pleasant to use thanks to the natural strength and neutrality of sugar cane fibre. (Think of sugarcane containers as being like disposable paper food containers, but with all the perks of high-quality disposable plastic food containers.) Likewise, unlike metal food containers and foil food containers, sugarcane hot food containers will not alter the taste of food or beverages in any way.

This fibre by-product can be turned into products normally made from plastic or paper, and avoids the pollution from the normal burning of sugarcane pulp after juice extraction. Sugarcane is a readily renewable resource. These products have no plastic or wax coating and are a far superior alternative to polystyrene, plastic and paper products. The sugarcane fibre products are fully compostable. These products will usually compost within 30 days in a commercial composting facility and 90 days in a home composting system.
Our preference is to carry unbleached products (a natural light brown colour) where possible and we are moving towards this as more product lines become available.
However, some product lines are only available bleached (white).
– Suitable for hot and cold food (not under direct flame)
– Microwave safe
– Compostable
– Complies with US FDA specifications (US FDA 21 CFR 176.170)

Disposable plates—both plastic plates and recycled paper plates—have something of an unfair reputation as being flimsy, ugly, and wasteful items. We’re here to change all that. Our disposable sugarcane plates and compostable sugarcane food containers are elegant, strong, useful, and pose no threat to environment, unlike conventional plastic cutlery and disposable plastic plates.

Act as true disposable dinner plates. Our premium disposable plates will not fold, tear, crumple, or deteriorate during use; you and your customers will be able to forget that you’re using fully compostable disposable plates and eat with the same gusto as always.

Give your party an aura of elegance. Our fancy compostable plates are available in a range of pleasing designs and the look of quality our premium disposable plates have will speak for itself. Likewise, we have designed white disposable plates suitable for weddings and clear plastic disposable plates which emulate the look of glass—some elegant disposable plates indeed.

Serve any function you have in mind. We have square eco disposable plates, divided disposable plates, large and small disposable plates, disposable dessert plates, sets of disposable plates and bowls, and much more—everything you will need to outfit a banquet with many different dishes. No outdoor fete you’re overseeing will ever be short on tableware again after you shop our complete line of wholesale disposable plates, dishes, and CPLA cutlery. (We’re not kidding—we even have spork cutlery.)

If you’re looking to order bulk compostable food packaging including paper plates, give our eco disposable plates a try; our quality disposable plates are fit for the feast of a King—or the dinner or a busy family. And, best of all, once you and your customers are finished with our paper plates, you can throw them away with a clear conscience.

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