If you’re wondering, ‘Why all the fuss over PLA plastic cups and food containers?’, you’ve come to the right place. We’re passionate about PLA and the many environmental benefits it confers over the conventional plastic food storage containers—and we love to share our enthusiasm about compostable food packaging supplies with our customers.
Our clear products are made from PLA which stands for “Polylactide” and is produced by Natureworks, LLC. It is derived from corn sugar or dextrose that comes from plants with starch. The dextrose is fermented and distilled into poly lactic acid. The lactic acid is then transformed into plastic-like resin called PLA, which can be used in conventional plastic machines. PLA comes from completely renewable resources and bringing you the ultimate cups and plastic containers with lids.

PLA, which is made from 100% renewable, plant-based resources, is superior to conventional petroleum-based plastic storage containers with lids in a number of ways: PLA doesn’t deplete the world’s rapidly diminishing supply of petroleum, it’s cheap and easy to produce, and it’s totally compostable—meaning that it won’t remain in the natural environment for thousands of years, negatively impacting human and animal health. At the same time, PLA performs much like traditional plastic food packaging. If, for example, you decide to buy compostable food containers wholesale for a cafe, you can expect your new take away food containers to withstand the stresses of normal logistics, and look polished and professional—just as they should. Additionally, your new compostable cups will function as solidly as any eco cups with a lid should. In fact, your customers will only know that the takeaway cups you provide them with are biodegradable cups, if you tell them so (and you should, because having access to eco-friendly cups & disposable food containers with lids, and PLA cups is important to most consumers).
All of our compostable containers are rigid, durable, and a beautiful testament to the power of ‘green’ technology. But don’t take our word for it—order some PLA food bio packaging online today and try the best food storage containers for yourself.
The PLA products are compostable. These products will usually compost within 47 days in a commercial composting facility and may take 12 months or more in a home composting system. Best results in a commercial composting facility.
Cold PLA products have a temperature resistance between -20º to 50ºC making them ideal food containers.
They are NOT suitable for hot liquids. Have a shelf life of 2-5yrs.
Our clear containers are comparable in strength and weight to normal plastic, yet they are made from readily renewable resources. They are compostable as compared to the petroleum based plastic items which are polluting and do not break down.
– Suitable for cold drinks/food only
– Can go in a fridge but not a freezer
– Compostable
– Certified compostable
– Can be printed or unprinted

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