We all know why compostable food bags like our signature Natureflex bags are important: Decades of conventional plastic bag use has contributed to ecological catastrophes like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, as well as significantly increasing landfill waste. Fortunately, thanks to advances in the science of compostable food packaging, today biodegradable food bags are just as sturdy, reliable, and flexible as their traditional plastic counterparts—hence the name ‘Natureflex’.

If your company is looking to ‘go green’, consider using our wholesale compostable food bags as part of your overall strategy for transitioning into fully compostable packaging for food. Natureflex biodegradable food waste bags are certified compostable; they’re made from 100% plant-based ingredients so that they will safely break down over time—without harming the natural environment in the process. If you pair our compostable bags for food waste with compostable food trays, your customers will have all the convenience provided by conventional disposable food packaging options, with none of the pollution.

You can rely on our compostable food packaging bags to both get the job done where carrying food waste is concerned and help to enhance and protect the image of your brand. Today’s customers know that a company who uses compostable packaging is a company who cares about their health, their priorities, and our collective future.Other sizes available on request

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