Our standard compostable cutlery range is made from a cellulose based polymer and wooden which are predominantly composed of natural resource materials. In contrast to traditionally used plastic cutlery, our cutlery is safe for the environment. Its performance is similar to conventional thermoplastics but is completely  compostable unlike the usual plastic cutlery sets. All our cutlery range comes from readily renewable resources.

These products will usually compost within 180 days in a commercial composting system. Our cutlery products are sturdy as compared to the petroleum based plastic cutlery which are polluting and do not break down.


– Suitable for hot and cold liquids and food up to 85 degrees

– Compostable

– Certified compostable to DIN EN 13432 (European standard) and ASTM D6400 (US standard)

Say goodbye to underwhelming cheap disposable plates, tell your flimsy old plastic spoons to move aside, and say hello to quality temporary tableware.

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