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250ml PLA Cold Cup(1000/carton)

$82.00 + GST

Top Diameter 76mm

Cup Height 90mm

Bottom  46mm

Per Sleeve 50 Cups

1000 cups in carton

PLA products will usually compost within 27 days in a commercial composting facility and may take less than 12 months in a home composting system. Best results in a commercial composting facility.
PLA is a highly versatile material and is manufactured from 100% renewable resources such as corn, wheat and other products rich in starch. Cold cups are widely used in juice bars, cafes, restaurants, offices, festivals and outdoor events which are ideal for milkshakes, smoothies, frappes, slushes, juices, sweets, fruits, nuts, candy, desserts, snacks and many other products.
Cold PLA products have a temperature resistance between -20º to 50º
They are NOT suitable for hot liquids. Has shelf life of 2-5yrs.
Our clear cups are comparable in strength and weight to normal plastic, yet they are made from readily renewable resources.  They are compos table as compared to the petroleum-based plastic items which are polluting and do not break down
Certified compostable to ASTM D6400 (US standard), European EN 13432 standards and  Australian AS 4736 standards
we accept the custom order, minimum 50000 cups each size
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