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10″ Round Sugarcane Plates (500pcs/ctn)

$82.00 + GST
If you are looking for a sturdy, heat resistant plate that won’t absorb oil or leak through, then these Bagasse sugarcane plates are the perfect solution. They can be used to serve even the greasiest of foods such as burgers without leaving a soggy mess. For outdoor retailers or those that want an alternative to single-use plastics, they make an eco-friendly alternative. For catering establishments that want to reduce their impact on the environment, they are a suitable option.
Perfect for corporate and wedding catering, parties and functions. Plates are strong and durable. Leak and oil proof.
Microwavable and Refrigerator safe
Made from sugarcane fiber and certified biodegradable and compostable, they can be used to serve hot and cold foods
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