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Call us (02) 9634 5697 or Email :

Natureflex bags

The main raw material used in the production of NatureFlex™ films is dissolving wood pulp, typically sourced from hard wood species such as eucalyptus. The wood pulp originates from certified forests

  • Based on renewable resources
  • Certified as biodegradable & compostable in an industrial composting environment to EN 13432,ASTM D6400,Din Certco, BPI
  • Pending certification for compostable in a home composting environment AS 4454/2012
  • Excellent moisture barrier
  • Heat-sealable on both sides
  • Formulated for enhanced print & conversion receptivity
  • Excellent transparency & gloss
  • Superb dead-fold properties
  • Controlled slip characteristics
  • Good barrier to gases & aroma
  • Resistant to oils & greases
  • Cold-seal compatible
  • Made in Australia

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