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Call us (02) 9634 5697 or Email :

Clear Round Containers & Lids are Plastic Free and Made from Plant Material which is called ( Poly lactic is produced by

Nature work ) 100% Renewable and Certified Compo stable.

Not Suitable For Hot Food or Liquid

PLA is derived from a renewable resource

One of the major problems with petroleum-based plastics is that they are derived from oil or natural gas which are only available in finite amounts throughout the world. Eventually, these fossil resources will run out. PLA, is derived from corn, a resource that can be renewed annually.

PLA does not produce toxic fumes if incinerated

For decades, we’ve been warned of the dangerous chemicals that can be released when traditional plastics are incinerated. Being biologically based, PLA plastics do not produce these toxic fumes if they end up being incinerated instead of finding their way to a commercial composting facility.



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