PLA Clear Green stripe Straws 5mm x 210 mm (4800 carton)

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PLA Clear Straws
205mm x 5mm
Quantity: Carton 4800
PLA Cold Clear Cups, Containers, Bottles, Lids & Straws

Our clear products are made from PLA which stands for “Polylactide” and is produced by Natureworks, LLC. It is derived from corn sugar or dextrose that comes from plants with starch. The dextrose is fermented and distilled into lactic acid. The lactic acid is then transformed into plastic-like resin called PLA, which can be used in conventional plastic machines. PLA comes from renewable resources.
The PLA products are compostable. These products will usually compost within 47 days in a commercial composting facility and may take 12 months or more in a home composting system. Best results in a commercial composting facility.
Cold PLA products have a temperature resistance between -20º to 50ºC.
They are NOT suitable for hot liquids. Has shelf life of 2-5yrs.
Our clear containers are comparable in strength and weight to normal plastic, yet they are made from readily renewable resources. They are compostable as compared to the petroleum based plastic items which are polluting and do not break down.
suitable for cold drinks/food only
can go in a fridge & freezer safe to -40C
certified compostable to ASTM D6400 (US standard)
can be printed or unprinted

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