Tired of busted bin liners? Our compostable bags will change your mind about the supposed limitations of biodegradable products. In response to the heavy demands of the industrial, commercial, and institutional workplace, we provide bin liners that are strong, durable, reliable, easy to use, and cost effective—while still being 100% biodegradable bags. Our biodegradable bin liners are ideal for waste haulers who are looking for perfectly-fitted wheelie bin liners that never tear or leak and professional composters seeking compostable bin liners that fully degrade during processing, leaving only clean uncontaminated compost behind.

In summation, if you’re looking for biodegradable bags for compost, kitchen use, or any other waste disposal function, you’ll find your needs are well served by our large and small compostable bags.

If you are seeking the best bin liner money can buy, you will be happy to know that in addition to having industrial-grade strength, our biodegradable, compostable plastic bags offer:

  • Excellent elasticity: Our waste bin liners, green bin liners, paper bin liners, kitchen bin liners, and biodegradable compost bags are made of strong but flexible material, allowing you to fit our bags to your bins without any slipping or splitting. Whether you’re using our large compostable trash bags or small bin liners, you’ll notice a distinct lack of the “zippering” that commonly afflicts low-quality bin liners when you haul heavy bags of compost or waste.
  • Heat and Moisture Resistance: We understand that while you want your compostable bin bags to vanish into the natural environment after processing, compost bin bags that allow moisture to penetrate your bin after being filled with hot food or liquid waste simply will not suffice. This is why all of our compostable garbage bags are designed to withstand the elements and perform properly throughout their lifespans.